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What We're Following: May 30, 2019

What we’re Following Today, May 30, 2019

Younger Generations Turning To HR As PRIMARY Resource for Training

Some interesting findings from some research provided by an HR vendor [Note: research usually has an agenda, so we need to read over stats carefully and not be afraid to ask questions in our heads about what a stat “means”. But in all research, there is an opportunity for learning.]. This article also gets into some of the thoughts about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and within HR functions like peer review, etc.

But what we know; life and workplace education as our lifespans increase will need to become a more prominent aspect of a future 60 – 70 year work life.

Youth Exhibiting Some Bad Financial Habits

A financial magazine, Financial Advisor, posted this story recently about how some of the financial planning skills of youth might need to change in order to set up lifelong best practices. Student debt and attitudinal barriers toward finances (i.e., daunting). I liked this quote in the article, ““Financial literacy, like all important lessons, must start early – long before the student takes a seat at college orientation and certainly ahead of entering the workforce.”

Bill Buckner Passes; Had Lewy Body Dementia

Most of us remember him most for the error in the ‘86 World Series, but we may overlook what an impressive career he had; 21 years, 2,715 hits, NL Batting Champion in 1980, etc. This article talks to some interesting facts about Lewy Body Dementia, some early signs, etc. But it is important to understand more about Dementia and the various forms like Alzheimer’s, etc. Dementia can affect people from all walks of life and health levels, and many professionals are working feverishly to understand how it works better in order to help prevent or eradicate it in its many forms. Hopefully Mr. Buckner is resting well and his family is able to find comfort in a difficult time.

Ageism Consider Public Health Threat by WHO: Why Companies May Want To Reconsider Pushing Boomers Out Too Early

A new book is out, “'The Talent Revolution, Longevity and the future of work,' by Lisa Taylor and Fern Lebo. It is on my reading list now. There was a quote in the article that resonated with me and fits with the Generation Bridge Mission to drop generational stereotypes in favor of direct interaction and individual merits, “When we think that way we start to create limits artificially and then we start to pit generation against generation.” Looking forward to reading the book.

A Positive Article About Home Ownership and Younger Individuals

Young families may be waiting for more stability before entering into home ownership, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the dream of homeownership has become passé. The percent of homeowners among younger buyers is definitely lower than previous generations, but they are facing more debt from student loans than other generations and are delaying marriage and families longer too. And let’s not forget that many of these younger buyers lived through an awful housing bust that negatively impacted their parents’ and families’ lives.

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