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Topics and Sessions (Click Here For Schedule)

Keynote: Building a Generation Bridge

Presented by:

Christopher Salem

CEO of CRS Group Holdings, LLC

Christopher will help set the tone for the day with an engaging look at the importance of people coming together in order to help address common challenges that we all face.  He will address the negatives and pitfalls of generational stereotyping and the importance of individual situations and merit when making connections.  In a highly polarized country, we need to get back to individual connection and shared wisdom. 


In addition he will help us all see some effective ways to get the most out of the event  so that attendees get the most out of it and walk away with answers to their questions that brought them to Generation Bridge in the first place.

Check Your Aging Attitude At The Door

Presented by:

Donna B. Fedus, MA
Gerontologist & Founder
Borrow My Glasses


Lauren Lewis
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Borrow My Glasses

Many people’s attitudes about aging have not aged well. Check your aging attitude at the door! Donna Fedus, gerontologist and founder of Borrow My Glasses, will share some of the many opportunities the aging trend brings and how it will impact your future.

AARP Fraud Watch Network Presents:  The Con Artist Playbook

Presented by:

Richard & Patricia Bright, AARP FWN CT Peer Educators


Summary:  Take a look inside the mind of a criminal as this 60  minute interactive session offers attendees tips & tools to protect themselves and families against the scammers.  Attendees will learn about the national crisis that is putting people at risk of losing their financial security.  This session will give information on how to get help if you think you have been scammed, what organizations are helping to protect you both on the local and national level.  You will have the opportunity to hear from actual con artists telling you how they get you under the ETHER!!

AARP Caregiver Roadshow for CT Families

Presented by:

Betty Bajek, AARP CT Community Volunteer


Valerie Ferrebee, AARP CT Community Volunteer & Executive Council Member


Summary:  This session is a deeper-dive conversation designed specifically for unpaid family caregivers and those who may be interested in learning how to support them.  Family caregivers are the backbone of our health care system who need support to make sure their loved ones can make the choice to live safely and independently at home.  In this session attendees will learn specific tools for navigating and connecting to available services, gain an understanding of care options and costs, and stay informed on legislative issues impacting older adults and family caregivers.

Me and Medicare

Presented by:

Beverly Kidder, DSW 

Vice President, Community Programs, Agency on Aging, South Central CT 2000 -2019


Medicare Do's and Don'ts - Simple Things You Can Do To Save Money And Get The Most Out of Your Medicare Coverage

Unpacking Caregiver Guilt

Presented by:

Moderator: Jane Ferrall, CEO of the Interfaith Volunteer 
Care Givers of Greater 
New Haven

Panelists: Cindy Eastman (Author and Educator), RoseAnne Homola (Event Specialist, Executive Assistant)


A Panel Discussion to illustrate the emotional pulls associated with caregiving.  Jane Ferrall will moderate a small panel of caregivers who can touch on some of the negative feelings that balance some of the positive ones they are experiencing while taking care of a loved one.  In addition to talking about their own situations, there will be some ideas that come out about ways they have adjusted their lives and situations to reduce the stress and improve the overall experience for both loved one and caregiver.

Finances:  Family Dynamics and Preparing for Future Costs As You Age

Presented by:

Zachary Daniels, Advisor at Tribute Financial


Scott Kearns, Advisor at Tribute Financial

An informative session where Zach Daniels and Scott Kearns of Tribute Financial will lay the broad groundwork for strategies to understand how to protect your family's assets in retirement, how to plan for future healthcare costs, and some ways that families can manage often complicated conversations and relationships that are impacted by one's finances.  But they also realize that there is a lot of nuance in each individual's and each family's situation, so they will also allow ample time for Questions and Answers from audience members.

Understanding Generational Influences in Communication

Presented by:

Mary Beth Nelsen, Consultant and Owner, The Right Resource 

A presentation and discussion about some of the things we need to recognize when interacting or working across multiple generations.  Dispel myths around generational labels and stereotypes and come together to become more productive in our intergenerational interactions.

Planning For Your New Living Situation

Presented by:


Lauri J. Lowell, JD, MSW
Executive Director, HOMEHAVEN


Colin Healy, Principal of Colin Healy Design LLC 

Michael Korchinski, Branch Vice President, Brokerage Manager Coldwell Banker

This is a panel discussion featuring professionals who can inform what things you may need to think about for housing preferences as we age.  You’ll hear from panelists about aging in place strategies, downsizing and relocation strategies and assisted living/skilled nursing considerations.  


Colin Healy is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist who handles consultations about outfitting a current home to allow for safer / easier living as we age.


Michael Korchinski is a Realtor who understands the needs of clients who are thinking about next steps - what to do to get my home ready for market and what kinds of living situations will be right for you..  

Grief: What it Is...And How To Make Peace with It

Presented by:

Ethel-Anne Roome, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Grief is that bag of mixed feelings we are left holding after we lose someone or something.  Ethal-Anne Roome is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® who will use the session to help identify things that people can consider or do in order to move on to celebrate the joys, hold onto the fond memories and untangle the knots. 

Making Care Choices: Being Informed is Being Forearmed

Presented by:

Phyllis Ayman, Author, Healthcare Consultant, Patient and Family Advocate, Media Personality and Founder, PMA Speech Solutions, LLP

The phone rings. You pick it up and hear: “your mom or dad fell and broke their hip” Your heart sinks. You knew they were less steady on their feet and were afraid that one day you might get this phone call. If they live in the vicinity, you rush to the hospital. You frantically start making calls to huddle with family or friends to discuss a plan. You may even hop on a plane. After the hospital, he/she will have to receive therapy. Where???? Most likely a short-term rehabilitation unit in a skilled nursing facility. How do you decide which one? The social worker or hospital discharge planner comes with glossy marketing brochures and talk of 5 stars. What can be better????


But once your loved one arrives you find out that that it wasn’t what it appeared to be.  Phyllis will help you understand the  importance of being informed so you can make decisions by choice, rather than by crisis. 

Leading a Healthy and Balanced Life As We Age

A Panel:

Gregg Roberts President and Founder SimpleWisdom Wellbeing Solutions 

Emanuela Palmares, Founder EP Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Carrie Amos, Founder Total Wellness LLC

We all want to get the most out of life for as LONG as possible.  There are lots of things that can be done through nutrition, activity, and a sense of community that can help us accomplish that goal.

Chronic ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke can be largely prevented through a healthier lifestyle.  A healthier lifestyle can also help reduce the risk of cancer.  These professionals in the wellness space will not only extol the virtues of lifestyle changes, but also provide examples and tips on things that have worked for them, their families and their clients.

Estate Planning

Presented by:

Andrew Knott and Robert J. Santoro

Knott & Knott, LLC


Come for an informal session to learn about some of the key elements of the estate planning process including the value of Trusts, myths and misconceptions around the process including probate, and more.  Andrew will talk through these concepts using real-life examples AND will have time for Questions and Answers where some of the nuance of specific situations from those in attendance can come to life.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Today

Presented by:

Peter McAllister, M.D.
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer NEICR

Dr. McAllister is leading the fight against debilitating neurological disorders including dementia and Alzheimer's.  He'll walk us through what the current state of affairs is, and what is currently being done to influence the future treatment of these conditions.

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