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What We're Following Today October 25, 2019

10 Great Careers for Retirees

As we prep for our seminar at the Monroe Senior Center on November 12 about Legacy - finding meaning and purpose in our retirement years, I searched out what kinds of careers could fit for people in their retirement years.

I found this gem of a post on website and have to admit, all of the careers mentioned do look attainable and fulfilling. Consulting would likely be limited to the first year or two in retirement, so it would mean being very active in your network. Once you get a couple of years removed, it can become much harder to reconnect. But there are other careers that look pretty good as opportunities to experiment and find a new income maker that could last for years into retirement.

I particularly like the idea of working at events, being a driver, or working at a resort. All of these seem like great ways to keep active and find personal and social fulfillment in retirement years.

Accountability Health and Wellness Program

This isn’t an article, but rather a personal post. I am two weeks into my accountability program with my friend RoseAnne Homola AND NOW my niece Rebecca Sherwood. After the Caregiver & Senior Conference health and wellness panel helped turn me onto the idea of an accountability partner, I can truly say that I am still energized and optimistic about changing habits to move towards a healthier overall lifestyle.

I have hit all but one of my personal fitness tasks, and I have been 75% better on my eating habits. I am really jazzed about the process and the support. It has been good to commit to others as well as myself and to be accountable to them for progress. For the first time in 5-6 years, I am truly optimistic about the long term potential to change my behavior so that I can establish a foundation that will support a healthier future as I age.

There are many things I want to be a part of where I want to be an ACTIVE participant. Many things that are simply easier if you live a lifestyle of balanced diet and exercise. I won’t likely be a grandparent until I am in my 70’s, and I want to be healthy enough to be the grandparent I want to be - but to do that, it means making the changes “now” before the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle catch up with me :)

Sometimes Watching Children Can Show Us Ways to Be More Childlike In Our Own Lives

This post on provided some inspirational thoughts about how we can approach life differently if we can reframe our perspective to be more childlike. While the logical side of me can poke a lot of holes in the options here, when I look at it from a higher perspective, there is a lot of truth about how our previous experience can influence our willingness to try / do new things.

When you are at a place where you may feel yourself getting too rigid, too set in your ways - blow it up a little. Try something new without the pre-judgment we place on ourselves. Think like a kid. Get messy, get some new experiences, try something new. The other thing we can remember from watching kids, new experiences don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be “bought” or “structured.” Just ask my kids who spend an hour in a cardboard box that is directly next to their Minnie Mouse Kitchen.

Friday Fun Share

Here’s 25 Funny Animal Memes for you to get a chuckle today.

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