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What We're Following Today October 20, 2020: Men's Topics

As I start to change this daily blog a bit, I’ll try to have some more focus daily on particular topics - Tuesday’s will be more “man” specific. This first article is meant to help people see that we all might need to reach out to some of our male friends, particularly those who might be on their own, or who don’t have many people who could be part of a “support” network. This article discusses how men tend to be less likely to seek mental health treatment, especially during this Covid environment.

Know a guy going through stuff? Maybe laid off? Maybe getting divorced - reach out - let them know they have someone to talk with. Professional help is important, but a support system is likely more important…we’re all getting disconnected from each other, and we need to start getting back together again. We see that even in our church a little.

Top 10 Causes of Death in Men in the US

After looking at the previous article I got curious about what causes men to die and found this article about the top causes of death in the US for men. One of those is indeed suicide which would indicate the importance of mental health in men. But some other things to note - top causes of death are heart disease and cancer (some which can be largely helped through living a healthier lifestyle). Unintentional injuries also ranks up there among other chronic ailments.

Differences Between Men and Women in Workplace

This is an interesting article that tries to outline some of the main differences between men and women in the workplace. Interestingly it does call out that we are generally more alike than different, but that there are some things that might be different. I’m not sure I am 100% bought into these differences, BUT it’s worth reviewing to get a bit of an understanding around what “could” be different. I would say that women are more “team” or group oriented - more collaborative in today’s environment.

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