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What We’re Following Today October 15, 2019

Making Fitness A Priority Is More Effective With A Written Plan

Another great share from RoseAnne Homola. This newsletter describes some research conducted around motivation to make changes to one’s lifestyle. One thing it calls out is the importance of committing your intent to paper. Once you commit your plan to paper, you’re almost twice as likely to convert intent into action.

It’s a battle I face daily - I have the best of intentions but often those aren’t enough to create a habit and meaningful change. As RoseAnne and I embark on our latest effort to make meaningful lifestyle changes I am pleased to see research (even if preliminary) that shows something that might lead to a habitual change.

CT Disaster Response Training From Red Cross

One way to come together for common purpose is through education and volunteerism. We see ourselves at our best been stressed in an emergency and the Red Cross will be hosting a training session on October 26 in Bridgeport to help volunteers be prepared in the event of an emergency.

For more information on the event, please follow this article:

How Japan Feeds Their School Children

While their system to provide meals for children may not jive completely with the US, there are opportunities to learn from them when it comes to controlling the kinds of nutrition that our children receive while in school.

They have a program where all food is provided and often served in the classrooms. Students participate in serving and clean up and get a balanced meal each day based on menus created by nutritionists. That said, they don’t have the level of choice we would expect here in the US, but perhaps that’s not such a bad thing with a childhood obesity rate far below other industrialized countries.

Here’s a look at how another culture faces childhood nutrition:

How To Spot Elder Abuse

While those suffering from Dementia may make false accusations there are instances where they are actually being abused. This article in’s newsletter talks about some of the signs we can be looking for.

These include things like signs of physical, emotional and others forms of abuse and the signs they call out are really good checklists to help monitor your loved one’s situation.

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