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What We’re Following Today November 2, 2020: Men’s Issues and Voting

Here we are on Monday Men’s issues again and today we should be considering our obligation to participate in government. Tomorrow is our Election Day and whether you choose to pick a side, go independent or vote your conscience, it’s important to participate. My only prayer is that no matter the result, that people can get behind the chosen leader and help heal the division in the country. The partisan breaks seem further and further separated with each side seeing the other as “evil” but we all just have to get past that and note that we all share more in common than our opinions on 5-6 hot topics that separate us.

I want my kids to have a future but how we get there may be something we [you and I] differ on. I want everyone to have access to quality healthcare but how we get there is something we may differ on. But the rhetoric and adversarial nature of our media and politicians is just sickening. We lose sight of the common goals in favor of supporting one sided vision to accomplish it...dialogue should be the goal of EITHER president that wins...if concentrate on compromise over “we win and we get our way...”.

It’s time to come back together and Men and Women alike are ALL responsible for healing the wounds and coming back to the table to “discuss” differing ideas with tolerance and civility. And I use tolerance in the traditional sense—-tolerance does NOT mean agreement, but rather tolerating something you inherently disagree with while feeling free to voice your opinion and defend your stance without feeling ignored or censored.

Now, for some other men’s issues on voting:

A look at some opinions from younger voters this year:

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