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What We're Following Today May 6, 2020

Generation Pivoting A Bit In Short Term

Generation Bridge will be pivoting a bit in light of all the new ways we are going to be applying social distancing and safety procedures around live events while we combat Coronavirus.

That means we will need to step back from live events for the “time being” but not stepping back from interpersonal connection. RoseAnne Homola and I have some great ideas on how to continue to put people in front of meaningful solutions to life’s challenges.

I’ll be continuing to create a repository of interesting articles and sites that help people dealing with specific issues - growing the list of challenges that people face day to day, but will also be looking for individuals who want to share their stories around some of these very challenges.

Been through a divorce and want to share some of what you learned? Are you taking care of others / or have you? Want to share some of what you learned so people don’t have to go through the same issues you faced? Want to share something that you would like others to know about for posterity? Share your story, your wisdom and your perspective based on what you have been through in your life.

Be on the lookout for some videos in the future that deal with this as well as webinar topics that we will be setting up with experts, OR that we find out there that will be helpful for people dealing with some of life’s financial & legal, health & wellness, specific life stage challenges.

For example, did you know that one of our friends at Generation Bridge from Wesley Commons, a nursing care facility in Shelton, CT has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to create content :

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