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What We’re Following Today May 11, 2020

5 signs you are overthinking a career decision

I do enjoy a lot of the contributor pieces in They are from real people and usually reflect opinion based on personal experience. Sometimes I’m in the mood for “just the facts ma’am”, but in days like today I am happy with opinion :)

Caroline Castrillon discusses a study in Psychology Today about the wasted resources we dedicate to indecision. I’m sure there are other studies that illustrate the importance of careful consideration and due diligence. But in today’s job environment, there could be some dangers in waiting too long AND there may be some signs that you are overthinking things.

  1. you ignore your intuition

  2. You have difficulty problem solving

  3. You’re afraid of making the wrong choice

  4. You’ve researched your options to death

  5. You obsess about things outside of your control

Take a read through this article and you may get some insight into what you’re feeling and how you might want to adjust your decision making process, at least in the short term.

Ramp Up Your Job Skills

Here’s an article in the Penny Hoarder that calls out 10 online courses to help give you an edge in the workforce. Let’s face it, if now is a stressful time with less work/no work/no income, then take advantage of your time and complete some training. You never know, it could be the difference in your next interview OR pitch. Plus, if you learn something new that doesn’t translate into $ but still gives you a sense of accomplishment, is that really a bad thing?

Ocala FL opening up career centers - check your local ones

Career centers like the one mentioned in this article in Ocala, FL will be crucial for helping people adjust to a post Covid job market. Long term, things will hopefully return to pre-Covid conditions but short term, there will be a need to help put people in touch with career advice and opportunities that will help people find jobs to “ease” the pain while the economy is constricted.

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