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What We’re Following Today June 23, 2020

Special Education Cuts Due to Covid 19

This school district may be losing as many as 8 special education positions in part due to Covid 19 budget cuts of nearly $2 million. The concern here is one that many school districts and parents should be following. Those with children with special needs who may have needed to do more in-home management of their children’s coursework may face future difficulties with budget strapped education systems.

Young Workers MOST Worried About Their Retirement

Young workers were the most likely to have fears about their retirement - even with the economic hiccups of the Covid crisis. Young people are worried about the cost of housing and education among other things. This article calls out some of their concerns and some of the things they can do to prepare for a solid


Why I love the US number 19 leading up to July 4th.

Hormel Dried Beef and Cream Cheese Ball.

My grandmother made this every time I was coming for a family get together when I was in my teens and twenties. Now I bear the responsibility to make this for family get togethers. It’s easy and wicked delicious and always reminds me of how fortunate I was to have grandparents who loved me and served as the nucleus for all of us to gather around. I think of them and I think of summers around them, holidays with them, and games and activities we all did. How could I not love an America that was so present in my family?

1 package of cream cheese

Hormel Dried Beef - 10-15 slices processed in food processor

Half cup diced baked ham. Purée in food processor

Squeeze as much water out of the ham as possible and form a small ball in your hand

Spread out the cream cheese to about 1/2 inch thickness. Wrap around the ham and form a ball.

Roll the ball in the processed dried beef and cover completely

Serve with a cheese knife and ritz crackers and you have a masterpiece :)

Thanks gramma!

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