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What We’re Following Today July 6, 2020

Texas Alzheimer’s Association stunning Statewide Zoom Conference for Caregivers if For Dementia Sufferers

Texas’s Alzheimer’s Association running an online conference on July 11. While for the state of Texas, it will have relevant info for anyone in a caregiver role. I don’t know what kind of registration restrictions are on this, but it’s worth looking into-even if just to find out who they are bringing as speakers and the kind of content they’ll be talking about.

Great 9x13 meals from around the US

Cooking more at home but looking for a source of some new recipes? Here’s a great post in Readers Digest about the best meals from each state for 9x13 pans. Ok. I went through and not “all” seem like they would fit, but there were LOTS of good ideas including little Rhody with bacon cinnamon buns. With tomato season coming up, there’s some good recipes to get the most out of your home crop.

Releasing yourself a bit from your adult children’s choices...

Sometimes parents want to influence their older child’s life - they can see a path of choice that might end poorly. But unfortunately there’s also a point when you have to let them go and be as “silly” as they think they need to be. You’ve given them the ammo, wisdom and advice, but as adult children they are now in their position of power to make their own choices. They reference the Covid parties here - um there is one thing to want to connect with people. There’s another thing when you willfully want to be irresponsible for the sake of sounding “cool”. But this can apply to so many situations more serious and less serious. I made my share of silly mistakes, and I wish I had listened a bit more after those...but my stubbornness as a kid is not likely exclusive to me...

Many people have been where today’s kids are and we made similar silly decisions. We can pass on knowledge but unfortunately can’t keep the kids bottled up forever. So at a certain point you do have to let go of the responsibility for the kids behavior but be ready to help pick up some pieces if things turn out poorly...

Why older people might be happier but less confident

Interesting piece in psychology today about the negative effects of ageism as it pertains to our self esteem in retirement. Worth a read - how can you help family members maintain their sense of purpose, value and meaning as they leave the workforce?

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