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What We’re Following Today December 18, 2019

OCD and Your Kid

It’s worth the read but a long article. Kids who adopt OCD traits can be setting themselves up for a long life of suffering at the hands of rituals and feelings of being out of control...

This helpful article is a comprehensive look at helping to identify problems and ways families and professionals can work with kids to help them manage their conditions and coping mechanisms better.

What To Do If You Get Sick While Traveling

This is one of my favorite kinds of articles. They talk about traveling, principally when you have a chronic condition. What I like about this article is it shares the stories of 8 people. From those dealing with psychological ailments to physical ones, travel doesn’t have to be avoided.

There are some good tips about making sure you are prepared in order to minimize worry and get the most out of your time away from home. Even if diagnosed with something chronic, you can enjoy the spoils of life with preparation.

Diagnosing Dementia Earlier Through Better Data Models

It’s still early, but this study mentioned on Eurekalert looked at using new AÍ modelas to get tuned into diagnosing dementia earlier. Who knows if it will prove to be validated but if it does it would be another sign of how categorizing symptoms more accurately and regularly in ones health life could lead to better ways to target people at risk for certain conditions earlier and perhaps arrange a lifestyle or treatment plan before symptoms progress further.

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