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What We’re Following Today August 28, 2019

The Art of the Staycation - A Budget Friendly Vacation

I love the content that comes through the Penny Hoarder. They give lots of great tips to earn more money and save more money. This one caught my eye, the Staycation; a way to save as much as $1,500 while making time to explore your local area.

They planned some great outings and explored their home area of Dayton, OH. They even mention how this can be a good thing psychologically by establishing positive associations with the area you live in. Take some time to read this, I think you’ll get inspired with some great ideas for making a Staycation a memorable one. The first date day was really a great idea.

How HR Can Bring 1:1 Coaching and Technology Into Health and Wellness Programs

This interview of an executive from Fitbit shows some of the ways organizations are approaching the health and wellness of their employees. Some are incorporating personal coaching, and new technologies to help meet and deliver against personal health goals for their employees.

For those who work in large corporations or for those who control benefits for large corporations, getting to know what’s out there is important in order to advocate for our “future” selves. To avoid chronic ailments or reduce our dependence on pharmaceuticals, we need to be more aware of what options we have as part of our benefits programs.

Signs That You Need to Take a Career Risk

Every decision to leave the safety of a career or profession you have come accustomed to is surrounded by doubt, but this article on identifies some of the considerations one might use to evaluate if the time for change is upon them.

After reading the 5 steps, I would have to say that they seem pretty accurate. The idea of “boredom” especially resonates with me. We need to feel like we are challenged and “growing” in order to find true meaning in what we do. There are times when things won’t work out, but there are moments in that process that will be priceless as you evaluate overall wisdom gained throughout the process.

New Study Links Robust Social Calendar Tied to Dementia Prevention

This post talks through some findings from a recent study that identifies community interaction and a strong social calendar as ways to help reduce the impact of dementia.

It makes sense because of so many other research studies that suggest that challenging brain activities and keeping active lead to an overall healthier brain. But it is worth noting that as we age, being able to get to events, community gatherings, etc. becomes more challenging. As a result, many begin to withdraw and potentially increase the speed of brain decline.

While there are still so many things we need to learn and confirm before jumping to any conclusions, it is important to note that we can do much to help those in our communities who may be going the the natural isolation that can happen with Aging.

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