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What We're Following Today August 16, 2019

Personal Note:

Sorry for the late post of the blog, but I was actually doing a very Generation Bridge thing this AM - diversifying my skillset by passing my Connecticut Real Estate License test. One of the things we all face as we live longer and get older in society is the need for continual rebirth. In addition to Launching the Generation Bridge platform after successful collaboration with my church (The United Methodist Church of Monroe) this last year and a half, I also wanted to add another skillset into the mix to have something that could augment career, income and retirement options. So I am happy to say I have passed my exam and will now need to apply for the license with a Broker here in Connecticut somewhere.

Real Estate is an interesting option - its on the verge of potential digital disruption, but the system exists for the time being and can represent some flexible side earning potential that could turn into another career. Adding new skills and exploring different options at ANY age help keep us young, challenged, and better set us up for potential career disruptions that come when aging in the workforce. I'm really looking forward to adding this into my "career" portfolio and seeing what I can learn. Perhaps it will lead to some new income, but it will definitely be an opportunity to learn and understand a very interesting industry in a true hands on way. Whether it pays out financially is yet to be seen, but all opportunities to learn and grow are important for the soul.

Given this personal news today:

7 Tips for a Fast Home Sale

This post from a NJ Realtor talks about some of the best ways to get your house on and off the market as quickly as possible. If you are looking to sell your home before the winter winds come through, take a look at these 7 suggested tips. There are a couple of easy no-brainers that could help you get your house ready for prospective buyers quicker.

What to Consider When You Decide to Re-Enter the Workforce

This article from Kellogg School of Management talks through some of the things you should consider when thinking about getting back into the workforce (interviewing after a hiatus, etc.). There are lots of great bits of information and advice to pull out of this including things like:

The ability to consider career pivots - now that you are ready to get back to a “career” you can reflect and think differently about whether you want to pursue the same things or find something new…Rekindling your network - even in today’s digital world, never underestimate the power of the “ask”, getting advice and / or the value of a personal referral, etc.Today’s popular term - the “returnship” - a play on “internship”

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