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What We're Following July 3, 2019

A Pat on A Gen X’ers Back

It’s rare that I completely agree with an article about a certain generation but this one is spot on regarding Generation X. Haha :). If you’re a Gen Xer you’ll want to read this to make yourself feel better. We created google, YouTube and so much more - we’re great, hehe. So I would bet 20 years ago we were saying the same thing of boomers and 20 years from now we’ll be saying the same about’s a natural life stage progression but it’s still nice to hear a little more about how good we can all be :)

Gen Z Primary News Source Instagram

Business Insider did some polling and found that Gen Z rely primarily on Instagram for news and information. There are pluses and minuses to this. It does reflect the changing way we consume information, but news is also largely in the eye of the beholder. So who we follow will largely influence our world views? I worry that we are becoming more and more tribal, and losing our willingness to hear the other side / interact with the other side. While news outlets claim to report both sides, there is a lot of bias on any outlet you might choose to follow, but they do represent readership and employees from all walks of life who discuss things with each other. Once we get to “individual” following, how can we be sure that we aren’t constructing our own narrative, one that is comfortable to our beliefs and doesn’t challenge us? Even in this blog, it reflects a look through a lens that is my own, but I consciously try to pull in articles that challenge my assumptions. It is an interesting dilemma as the world of media consumption preference changes.

A Dementia Playlist

What a wonderful idea called out in this article from Scotland. Playlist for Life works to develop ways to help dementia patients bring music in as part of their treatment. They have noticed that songs/music from important times of the patient’s life can trigger happy memories and joy. There’s also some good advice on how to apply the playlist into everyday caregiving to potentially reduce the stress of some of the more challenging tasks some might have.

Actionable Financial Tips for Parents with Young Children

A possible podcast find for those looking for short format weekly financial advice. In this episode they talk about ways to help get young children to appreciate the value of money. A tip I plan to take home right away is a home token system because my kids are too young to be given actual money, but they can start to learn the value by using tokens. Trying to explain the concept of delayed gratification and more.

Ageism Perhaps the Most Socially Acceptable Discrimination

This article talks through some of the ways we often discriminate on age, even if through good hearted humor. They call out the Democratic Debate where people expressed it is time to pass the torch from Joe Biden. We need to look at examples like this and others in the reverse (i.e., you’re too young to fully understand, etc.). I know ageism is largely associated with how we treat our elders, but really it applies to all the stereotypes that come based on age which can exclude the potential for individual performance and competence.

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