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Masculinity in 2020

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Caught this on tv today and thought it was such an interesting conversation.

Some say it is hard to raise boys in this day and age--to be strong, stoic, providers, fathers, yet also be sensitive, caring, show emotion and care for their babies in a way older generations did not. I say it is difficult to raise children of any sex in this day and age --it is a great responsibility that should be given thoughtful reflection and decisions and specific adherence to your ethics and morals. Make it a family value that everyone they meet is worthy of dignity and courtesy, whatever their sexual identity. #

Hear these three men have an interesting discussion:

Then here is some well thought out information I liked the structure of

How to raise feminist boys, by Tanith Carey however, would rename it How to Raise Good Children.

Thoughtful reading! Warmly, RoseAnne #RoseAnneBridge #Masculinity #Sons #Father

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