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Date: Thursday September 17, 2020

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (plus extra for Q&A)

Location: Online Webinar


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Never forget that you:

  • Possess Wisdom

  • Possess Time

  • Possess Purpose

  • Are a Lighthouse for Generations to Come


Join us for this webinar with Ryan Ventura, the Director of Community Outreach at First Light Home Care, has served as a professional life coach for over 13 years. Today his experience of helping retirees allows him to say with confidence that life is not about the younger needing the older; rather it is about how both need each other. As we age we should be enthusiastic about finding a new sense of purpose and adventure. And for many, it starts with their own family members. This is our passion we love to share.

In addition to having a light lunch and connecting in community, the goal of the Legacy Seminar is to help YOU know that YOUR most important job is just beginning. We want to empower you to be character builders, friends, teachers, mentors, supporters, and purposeful in all that you do. It is a culture changer that says, "You have value in the lives of others!"

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